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Antiquities - BC to Roman

DESCRIPTION (For RB brooches, H = Hattatt's brooch no. or similar) Cat £
c. 100,000 - 60,000 BC: British Palaeolithic large broad flaked flint hand axe with brown/cream patina; slight damage to one edge; nice example; 122mm x 70mm: from Northant's A3452 80.00
3rd/2nd century BC; Greek (archers) bronze tri-lobed socketed arrowheads x 2; 28mm & 20mm lengths: fair condition A3383 12.00
c.3rd Century B.C. carved white stone spherical bead decorated with drillings & ladder work; 19x13mm; ex-Alan Cherry A3379 27.50
c.3rd Century B.C. bronze arrowhead; Ptolemaic period ancient Egypt; 71mm length; stable condition; old ticket ex-Coincraft A3321 40.00
Bronze age: c 1500-1200 BC: cu-alloy flat blade Palstave axe; central rib both sides; rear section missing; worn; 110mm; Sussex A3409 100.00
Bronze age: c 1200-900 BC: cu-alloy square section Awl with pointed ends: 62mm length: Hampshire A3387 15.00
1st Century BC/AD: cu-alloy La-Tene 11 brooch; near complete; some damage A3454 16.00
1st Century AD: small silver Kraftig profilierte bow brooch; usual central 'lip' moulding & a large knop on upturned foot; 2.75 grams; 31.5 mm; pin missing:; From an old English collection A3414 30.00
1st/2nd Century AD: cu-alloy votive axe ; well defined; part of handle missing; 26mm; Northants A3437 20.00
1st/2nd Century AD: small lead votive axe head pendant; 15mm x 10mm A3433 15.00
1st/2nd Century AD; cast copper-alloy nail cleaner: forked functional end and a suspension loop that is set at right-angles to the plane of the blade. No decoration. possibly one of a set of cosmetic implements from a chatelaine: good condition; 49mm length A3301 15.00
1st/2nd Century AD; cast copper-alloy nail cleaner: forked functional end and a suspension loop that is set at right-angles to the plane of the blade. Incised decoration to outer edges: good condition; 40mm length A3302 15.00
1st-3rd Century AD: pair of cu-alloy 'onion-headed' Dress/Cloak pins: just missing pin tips: 72mm & 59mm A3280 20.00
1st - 4th Century AD: Roman period bone circular gaming counter: mid brown in colour and undecorated. The upper surface is slightly countersunk, with a circular indentation in the middle: 19mm: numerous identical examples found in Colchester. A3350 15.00
c. 2nd Century AD: cu-alloy Melon Bead; 18mm diameter with serrated edges: From Sussex A3461 Sold
2nd/3rd Century AD: cu-alloy small Rotary Tumbler-lock key with an ovoid bow handle with an irregular 'keyhole' aperture. The shank is at 90° to the handle & has a simple bit: 44mm length: Oxfordshire A3215 35.00
2nd/3rd Century AD: cu-alloy heavy duty tumbler lock key ring with flat circular section & transverse bit with 3 slots: 31mm A3238 37.50
2nd/3rd Century AD: Silver Finger Ring with a rectangular cross-section hoop which expands to form sub-triangular shoulders; the bezel has 2 oblong squares inside each other: a wearable 18mm internal diameter: Cambs A3254 55.00
3rd/4th Century AD: iron tanged arrowhead of triangular section with square section tang: 52mm: Asia Minor: Nice condition A3355 32.00

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