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Antiquities - Saxon/Mediaeval (pic. quality much better than scans!).

DESCRIPTION (For RB brooches, H = Hattatt's brooch no. or similar)

Cat £

c. 5th Century: cu-alloy decorated head section from a large cruciform brooch; 42mm x 28mm; From Sussex

A3453 Sold

5th/6th Century: cu-alloy Small long brooch with a decorated semi-circular headplate; missing pin & spring attachment; 70mm x 33mm: Essex

A3395 48.00

6th/7th Century; Byzantine cu-alloy pendant with a cream intaglio setting which depicts a fantastic beast holding a lyre; pendant has 'half-moon' decoration around the whole outer edge; suspension loop intact; 28mm dia:

A3423 90.00

6th/7th Century; Byzantine gold earring; upper domed disc with a radiating design & a pomegranate style hanger set with a red cabochon stone; total length 36mm: 1.7 grams; could be worn as a necklace; From an old English collection

A3429 Sold

8th/9th century: large cu-alloy zoomorphic strap-end with a geometric decorated panel with iridescent niello inlay The terminal is in the form of a foreshortened and stylised animal-head with a blunt snout ; 56mm; 2 rivet holes; good condition; Yorkshire

A3392 42.00

13th/14th Century: long slender triangular iron socketed arrowhead with very slight mid-rib to blade; 82mm; well preserved: Oxon

A3338 40.00

14th/15th Century Lead Shield-shaped trade weight with a raised cross in a moulded triangular centre: 108 grams: Yorks

A3406 40.00

14th/15th Century: Archers thumb-ring in lead: long cross patée inscribed decoration on top, split/broken band at bottom: cruder type in lead; 20mm int. dia: Thames Foreshore:

A3362 25.00

14th/15th Century: silver finger ring with quatrefoil design to bezel & incised linear & scroll decoration to shoulders; knop at base of band; 6.7 grams; int. dia. 16.5mm (UK size L ½ ) attractive & wearable:  From an old English collection

A3424 Sold

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