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Hammered Coinage

DESCRIPTION (S = Spink Coins of England) GRD CAT. (£)
Henry II; 1154-1189, Tealby Penny; creased with scuffing; as is often the case, very bad die but part portrait visible; reverse identification not possible as only visible letters are 'ON'! Notts. Good/VG H3480 Sold
Richard I; 1189-1199, s/c penny class 3; tiny edge curl, off-struck but otherwise intact with fairly clear portrait & much of legends. OBV: 'HENRICVS REX'; REV: 'WILLEM ON LVN'; (S1347); scarce; Yorkshire F+ H3388 70.00
Richard I; 1189-1199, s/c penny class 4b; cabinet grey tone with about half portrait flat; much of legends intact. OBV: 'HENRICVS REX'; REV: 'ROBERD ON CANT; (S1348C) F H3442 59.50
Richard I; 1189-1199, s/c penny probably class 4b but only 5 pearls to crown; decent portrait with cabinet grey tone; flat to about half legends each side. OBV: 'HENRICVS REX'; REV: 'FVLKE ON LVND'; (S1348C) F H3441 Sold
John; 1199-1216, Penny class 5a or b; some clipping & creased but rare mint; mostly intact portrait & majority of legends. OBV: 'HENRICVS REX'; REV: 'RICARD ON ECE'; Exeter mint; (S1350/51); Worcs; PAS numbered bag F+/GF H3504 125.00
Henry III; 1216-1272, l/c Penny class 5g; visible portrait but has seen much use with wear to outer edges. OBV: 'HENRICVS REX III'; REV: 'NICOLE ON CANT'; Canterbury; (S1373); Northants. NF H3513 Sold
Henry III? 1216-1272, s/c Penny; this one is a total mess having jumped in the die! Portrait can be viewed either way up & legends doubled up throughout. Best we can fathom is Nicole moneyer & possibly Canterbury mint; Bucks. F H3578 Sold
Edward I; 1272-1307, Penny class 10; very nice portrait with clear detail & legends both sides. OBV: 'EDWAR ANGL DNS HYB'; REV: 'CIVITAS CANTOR'; Canterbury mint; (S1419); Northants. F+ H3590 Sold
Edward I; 1272-1307, Penny; this seems to be a total shambles! Although the portrait & reverse cross exactly as should be, the legends are completely wrong; probably jumped in die as part of reverse cross visible at different angle! OBV (from the top): 'DNS HYB R ANGL DNS HYB'; REV: 'TAS CAN N TOR IVI'; Bucks. F+ H3520 Sold
Edward I; 1272-1307, Penny class 9b; dull look with intact detail & some weak parts to legends. OBV: 'EDWR ANGL DNS HYB'; REV: 'CIVITAS LONDON'; (S1408); Cambs. NF H3514 9.95
Edward III; 1327-1377, halfpenny 2nd coinage; looks to be struck on uneven flan with striking crack at right; decent portrait. OBV: 'EDWARDVS REX ANG'; REV: 'CIVITAS LONDON'; (S1540); Yorkshire NVF H3383 18.95
Edward III; 1327-1377, Penny type C; flan damage, lightly crinkled & off-struck; decent portrait with much of legends.OBV: 'EDWARDVS REX ANGLI'; REV:'CIVITAS LONDON'; annulet in each quarter; (S1584); Essex F/F+ H3521 Sold
Edward III; 1327-1377, Penny, pre-Treaty; nice obverse detail with some surface corrosion to reverse; annulet stops.OBV: 'EDWARDVS REX ANGLI'; REV: 'CIVITAS LONDON'; possibly type C; (S1584); Bucks. F+/VG H3526 Sold
Edward III; 1327-1377, Halfgroat Treaty period; evenly worn with quite pleasant detail; majority of legends intact; scarce. OBV: 'EDWARDVS REX ANGL DNS HYB'; REV: 'POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEV CIVITAS LONDON'; possible annulet on breast mostly hidden by inner trefoil; (S1622); ex-LCA F+ H3503 Sold
Richard II; 1377-1399, Farthing; extremely rare; dark tone & creased or dented; portrait visible plus parts of legends; could be improved with expert attention. OBV: 'RICARD REX ANGLI'; REV: 'CIVITAS LONDON'; (S1701/03) VG H3449 90.00
Henry V or VI; 1413-1461, halfpenny; edge nick (test cut?) & toned; very heavy ghosting of reverse cross which made id difficult but broken pellet just visible by hair; mm though looks to be 'lis' which is Henry VI. OBV: 'HENRIC REX ANGL'; REV: 'CIVITAS LONDON'; (S?); Northants. NVF H3445 Sold
Henry VI; 1422-1461, Penny rosette-mascle issue; collector's ticket; very worn & only included as a space filler; some visible detail & legend. OBV: 'HENRICVS REX ANGLIE'; REV: 'CIVITAS EBORACI'; York mint; (S1868) Fair H3634 6.95
Henry VI; 1422-1461, Halfpenny, mascle issue; dark tone & small flan so identification difficult; there is a mascle on obverse. OBV: 'HENRIC REX ANGL'; REV: 'CIVITAS LONDON'; (S1870/1884); Bucks. NF H3569 14.95
Edward IV; 1461-1470, Groat; very worn & clipped with visible detail; much of legends showing; very scarce. OBV: 'EDWARD DI GRA REX ANGL Z FRANC'; REV: 'POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM CIVITAS EBORACI'; York mint, quatrefoils at neck; (S2012) VG H3610 49.95
Henry VII; 1485-1507, Sovereign Penny; creased & edge damage with mostly just features visible; clear identification marks. OBV: 'HENRICVS DEI GRA REX ANG'; REV: 'CIVITAS EBORACI'; keys below shield; (S2235); Kent VG H3585 12.95
Henry VIII; 1508-1547, Groat, posthumous issue; base silver as usual with part portrait & legends visible. OBV: 'HENRIC 8 D G AGL FR Z HIB REX'; REV: 'POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEVM'; mm not visible; (S2403); Notts. Good H3456 Sold
Philip & Mary Ireland; 1554-1558, Groat; much damage to edge with flan cut; visible portraits with parts legends; scarce. OBV: 'PHILIP ET MARIA DG REX ET REGINA AN 1558' REV: 'POSVIMVS DEVM ADIVTO NOSTRVM'; (S6501D); Northants. Fair H3582 Sold
James 1; Lennox farthing: - 1613-1625; type 3c : mm rose (Spink 2679) F/VG H3688 20.00
James I; 1603-1625, Penny; some weakness to obverse but mostly clear legends & better than usual. OBV: 'I D G ROSA SINE SPINA'; REV: 'TVEATVR VNITA DEVS'; no visible mintmark; (S2661); Wilts. F H3575 14.95
Charles I; 1625-1644, Shilling, probably type 4.4; outline portrait, clipped with toning; parts legends visible. OBV: 'CAROLVS D G MAG FRA ET HIB REX'; REV: 'CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO'; mm not visible; (S2799?); Notts. Good H3458 19.95
Charles I; 1625-1644, Shilling type 4-4; uneven edge with short flan cut to left; weak strike to parts both sides. OBV: 'CAROLVS D G MAG BRI FRA ET HIB REX'; REV: 'CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO'; mm 'sun'; (S2799); ex-LCA NF H3489 30.00
Charles I; 1625-1644, Shilling type 4; old collection; slightly better than outline portrait with some weakness to legends. OBV: 'CAROLVS D G MAG BR FR ET HI REX'; REV: 'CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO'; mm 'anchor'; (S2794-2797) NF H3598 47.50
Commonwealth; 1660-1665, halfgroat; lightly crinkled though is well-centred with detail intact.OBV: 'St. George's shield in wreath'; REV: 'St. George's shield & Irish shield in wreath, 1I above'; (S3223) F H3397 Sold
Charles II; 1660-1685, Twopence hammered issue; nice tone with smoothed surfaces but clear portrait; scarce.OBV: 'CAROLVS II D G MAG BRI FRA ET HIB REX'; REV: 'CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO'; 'coronet' mintmark; (S3326); ex-Lockdales F H3474 Sold
Charles II; 1660-1685, shilling 3rd issue; very bright so probably cleaned; outline portrait with weakness to reverse centre; very scarce. OBV: 'CAROLVS II D G MAG BRI FRA ET HI REX'; REV: 'CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO'; mm ‘crown’; S3322) NF H3409 95.00

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