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Celtic Coins

Roman Republican Coins

DESCRIPTION (S = Spink catalogue) GRD CAT. (£)
Addedomaros; 1st Century B.C., AE Unit; ticket from 1993; corroded with no detail left on obverse; reverse better. OBV: 'Head left'; REV: 'Horse left, pellet ring below'; (S206); scarce Poor/VG C582 9.95
Cantiaci; 1st Century B.C., AE /ARUnit; very rare type; bluish tone & quite heavy so may be silver based; good detail with a Roman-style bust. OBV: 'Head right encircled by rings & pellets'; REV: 'Lion left, pentagram below'; (ABC 282 – Chris Rudd) F/F+ C562 50.00
Corieltauvi; 1st Century B.C., AR Fractional Unit; toned with horse visible to reverse but worn.OBV: 'Vestiges of boar right'; REV: 'Horse left'; (S399); Lincs. Good/F C546 Sold
Corieltauvi; 1st Century B.C., AR Unit; virtually blank obverse with decent detail to reverse.OBV: 'Blank boar'; REV: 'horse right, large pellet ring above'; (S398); Lincs; Poor/GF C535 35.00
Cunobelin; 10-40 A.D., AE Unit; full green patina with much of legends intact which makes it a scarce coin.OBV: 'CVNOBELIN; head left'; REV: 'TASCIO; metal worker standing right'; (S342); Bucks. GF C565 60.00
Dobunni; 1st Century B.C., base AE Unit; ticket states found Leominster; the very small type minted to far west of their territory; visible portrait with weaker reverse. OBV: 'Head right'; REV: 'Triple-tailed horse left'; (S378) F+/NF C576 Sold
Durotriges; 1st Century B.C., AR billon Unit; base silver with detail mostly on one side.OBV: 'Head right'; REV: 'Horse left'; (S371) Fair/Good C552 17.95
Durotriges; 1st Century B.C., AR billon Unit; dull silver with reasonable obverse & better reverse; heavy example.OBV: 'Devolved Apollo Head right'; REV: 'Horse left'; (S371); Bucks. NF/GF C563 30.00

Roman Republican Coins

DESCRIPTION (Sear or New Sear = Sear RCV; RSC = Seaby Silver Coins Volumes 1-5) GRD CAT. (£)

Republican; C. Cassius; 126 B.C., AR Denarius; bright silver with old collection ticket for £10.50. attractive. OBV: 'Head of Roma'; REV: 'C.CASSI.ROMA'; Liberty in quadriga; (RSC1-Cassia 1); ex-LCA

NVF RS2871 Sold
Republican; C. Poblicius Q.f.; c.80 B.C., AR Denarius; old collection; usual serrated edge & bright silver; worn obverse & weak reverse-strike but all detail visible & scarcer reverse. OBV: 'ROMA behind bust of Roma'; REV: 'C.POBLICIVS Q.F.'; Hercules strangling the Nemean lion; (RSC1-Poblicia9) F/NVF RS2672 Sold
Republican; C. Servilius M.f.; c.136 B.C., AR Denarius; with old collection ticket bought 1984; couple of old surface digs but attractive with bold detail & more unusual reverse. OBV: 'ROMA, head of Roma, wreath behind'; REV: 'C.SERVEILI.M.F.'; the Dioscuri galloping in opposite directions; (RSC1-Servilia 1); ex-LCA NVF RS2843 Sold
Republican; L.Mussidius Longus; c.42 B.C., AR Denarius; old collection; rare type with clear features & mostly clear legends; small counterstamp on face. OBV: 'CONCORDIA behind bust of Concord'; REV: 'L.MVSSIDIVS LONGVS'; two joined hands holding caduceus; (RSC1-Mussidia5) F+ RS2674 60.00
Republican; L. Procilius; 80 B.C., AR Denarius; off-struck with light grey toning; bold detail & still attractive. OBV: 'Head of Jupiter right'; REV: 'L.PROCILI.F.'; Juno Sospita hurling spear right; (RSC1-Procilia 1); ex-LCA NVF RS2869 50.00

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