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Antiquities - BC to Roman

DESCRIPTION (For RB brooches, H = Hattatt's brooch no. or similar)




Ancient Egypt, Late Period, c. 664 - 30 BC. Nice large grey terracotta Ushabti, depicted mummiform, wearing tripartite headdress, arms crossed over chest, hands holding implements. hieroglyphs (L: 13.4 cm) intact, no repairs: Ex old English collection



c. 1200-1000 BC: Luristan Bronze Age ´Rectangular Ribbed´ tanged arrowhead: type V, sub: C: large slender triangular arrowhead with straight shoulders & raised midrib: 135mm: Ex old English Collection



c.1200-800 BC: Luristan Bronze Age ´long tanged´ arrowhead/ javelin point: large triangular arrowhead with straight shoulders & raised midrib: 138mm: Ex old English Collection



Iron age 1st Century BC: cu-alloy ´Melon´ bead with incised decoration around each edge: 11mm dia. Oxon



Iron Age: 2nd century BC-1st century AD. A bronze bridle fitting comprising a rectangular-section body with transverse slot and two round-section arms developing to lobe finials: plain type; 39mm; scarcer type



Neolithic 2500BC-2000BC: polished grey flint Axe-head from la Plage (Marseille) France: find spot in black ink: 79mm x 40mm



1st Century AD: Bronze & enamel circular mount with back to back lunate decoration: 23mm dia. Essex



1st Century AD: Group of 4 Roman iron nails from the legionary fortress at Inchtuthil, Perthshire, Scotland, A.D. 83-87; longest 160mm, shortest 49mm: all have been professionally conserved



1st - 3rd Century AD: cu-alloy Medical/Cosmetic Spoon: square section with linear decoration towards bowl end: 120mm length A3622 35.00

2nd Century AD: circular bronze box mount depicting a  lion´s head; 16mm diameter; Essex



2nd Century AD: Plate Brooch in the form of a Fish: pin missing & rather worn; 30mm: Lincs



2nd/3rd Century AD: cu-alloy pottery lamp suspension hanger with a floral petal design & ‘bird-lip’ decoration on the suspension arm; no remains of rear fixing; intact but has a small fracture near top of arm; 40mm diam; 60mm height; European A3456 30.00
3rd/4th Century AD: Large & heavy bronze crossbow brooch with three onion-shaped knops to the headplate and linear decoration to sides & footplate: A nice large piece: complete with pin:  77 mm long. - attractive patina A3568 68.00

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