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Celtic Coinage
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1st Century B.C.; tin Potin, Thurrock type; recorded on PAS: BERK-B02B14; super example with very bold detail; just a few tiny green spots which don’t detract. OBV: 'Head left'; REV: 'Bull butting right'; (S62); Berkshire







Catuvellauni; 1st Century B.C., AE contemporary forgery; attractive sandy patina with bold features; weighs 3.09 grams. Whaddon Chase type. OBV: 'Crossed wreaths'; REV: 'Horse right, wheel below'; (c/f S32); Alresford, Hants 2008







Catuvellauni; 1st Century A.D., AU Quarter Stater; high silver content & most likely classed as ‘Raunds Wing’ type; off-struck reverse. OBV: 'Wreath across corded line'; REV: 'Annulate horse right’'; (BMC367) GF C659 Sold
1st Century A.D., AE Half Unit; uncertain as to exact type with clear animal, head looking back, on reverse but obverse could be a number of types; most likely Trinovantian & open to further research. Poor C639 4.95

Cunobelin; 1st Century A.D., AE Unit; mostly green patina with visible detail; vague obverse legend remaining.

OBV: ′CVNOBELINVS REX′; REV: ′TASC′; bull butting right; (S340)







Cunobelin; 1st Century A.D., AE Unit; recorded with CCI: 09.3255; detail visible though low grade with patchy patina. OBV: 'CVNOB, bearded head of Jupiter Ammon'; REV: 'CAM'; crouching lion; (S347); Gt. Chesterford Fair C634 12.95

Iceni; 1st Century B.C., AR Unit; attractive tone with tiny surface loss extreme right on obverse; possibly Half Unit as smaller than usual. OBV: 'Boar right'; REV: 'Horse right, star below'; (S431 or 437)







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