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Celtic Coinage
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Boii Tribe, Germany; 1st Century B.C., base AR Unit; large chip to bottom of bust with some loss of surface silver. Not our area of expertise but appears to be head facing right with horse left on reverse with pellet ring above.







Corieltauvi; 1st Century B.C., AR Unit; virtually blank obverse with decent detail to reverse.

OBV: ´Blank boar´; REV: ´horse right, large pellet ring above´; (S398); Lincs;







Cunobelin; 10-40 A.D., AE Unit; full green patina with much of legends intact which makes it a scarce coin.

OBV: ´CVNOBELIN; head left´; REV: ´TASCIO; metal worker standing right´; (S342); Bucks.







Cunobelin; 1st Century A.D., AE Unit; dark tone which doesn’t scan well; fairly bold detail with fragments of legends; ticket states found in Ware (Herts.); scarce. OBV: 'CVNO, winged horse right'; REV: 'TASCI'; Victory sacrificing bull; (S343)

F+ C603 32.50

Durotriges; 1st Century B.C., AE billon Unit; visible detail with flan break as struck; uncleaned as found. OBV: 'Devolved Apollo Head right'; REV: 'Horse left'; (S371); Dorset

Good C556 12.95

Epaticcus; 1st Century A.D., AR Unit; decent silver coin with bold portrait & clear legend; reverse slightly weaker; looks to be a bit porous. OBV: ´EPATI, head of Hercules´; REV: ´Eagle standing on snake´; (S356); Berkshire







Iceni; 1st Century B.C., AR Unit; very weakly struck obverse with detail just visible; reverse far better with tiny green spot (from adjacent bronze?). OBV: ´ECEN symbol type´; REV: ´Horse right with triple pellets below´; (S436); Norfolk








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