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Antiquities - Saxon/Mediaeval (pic. quality much better than scans!).

DESCRIPTION (For RB brooches, H = Hattatt's brooch no. or similar)




6th Century: Anglo-Saxon gilt bronze chip-carved mount with panelled motif; 14mmx 15mm: nice piece; Essex



6th/7th Century: Anglo-Saxon Small Long Brooch: iron pin missing: 67mm high: Yorkshire A3572 50.00

7th/8th Century cu-alloy ′Ansate′ (equal ended) Brooch: pin missing: 40mm: Lincs



9th Century cu-alloy Strap end with panel decorated with a beast or dragon looking backwards: back plate missing: 51mm: Lincs A3621 Sold

9th Century cu-alloy Strap end: 47mm length: low grade/worn but near complete: Cambs.



9th Century: Pair of Anglo-Saxon Strap Ends: both lower /broken grade but with decoration: 43mm & 30mm



9th Century cu-alloy Strap end with rectangular decorated panel: 49mm length: some wear: Cambs.



9th/10th Century Viking Bronze Penannular Brooch: rolled terminals: complete; pin length 38mm: Eastern Europe A3634 Sold

10th Century: Anglo-Saxon gilt bronze chip-carved mount with floral motif; 30mm x 24mm: nice piece; Essex



11th Century: Anglo-Scandinavian bronze stirrup terminal depicting a stylised Wolfs head: good condition: 35mm length: York’s



13th/14th Century cu-alloy Barrel Padlock; incomplete: 45mm: Lincs.



13th/ 14th Century: Lead Spindle Whorl decorated with lines and pellets to top & bottom surfaces; 32mm dia; nice example A3667 12.00
14th century: cu-alloy Jesters/Clothing Bell: corroded pea: some remains of gold gilt: 27mm A3669 18.00
15th Century cu-alloy ring brooch of flat section decorated with seven raised cups all containing white paste; 20mm; Complete with working pin.; Berks A3660 36.00


Ordering details:

Please email us first to ensure we still have the item(s) in stock.

Payment can be with UK Sterling cheque payable to ´D.G. Shelley´ or with credit card via Paypal. After confirmation of available stocks, we will send you a Paypal invoice.

Postage will be Recorded at £2.95 or Special Delivery at £7.45 dependent on value. We will post coins or banknotes worldwide but please enquire about postage costs first.

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