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Antiquities - 17th Century - Victorian

DESCRIPTION (For RB brooches, H = Hattatt's brooch no. or similar)



16th Century; cu-alloy belt stiffener with trefoil terminals; cut-out oblong in centre; 42mm x 16mm A3443 8.00

16th century AD. Tudor silver dished quatrefoil stud or mount with a central circular piercing: decorated with a X with raised pellets in each quadrant: 10mm sq.



16th Century Tudor cu-alloy Knife handle with Zoomorphic terminal in the form of a water bird in an attitude of paddling; remain so iron blade deposits at base: 75mm length: Berks A3655 40.00

17th Century cu-alloy combination pipe tamper & seal ring; uncertain design cut into bezel; some distortion; 44mm



17th Century: bronze asymmetrical mount with scrollwork decoration, fleur-de-lis top with gold gilt finish: 2 rear lugs: 38mm



17th Century; large bronze hollow-head dress pin: large domed 2-piece construction hollow head with pimple on top: 92mm: Lincs



18th Century Bronze 2oz Trade Weight with counter marks; Crown over capital ′G, Ewer, A, dagger: [George 1 or 2)



Late 18th century Bone Domino fashioned from a thin bone rectangular strip: drilled dots 6 & 4: 29mm x 15mm A3668 9.95

18th/19th Century Georgian bronze Walking Cane ferrule decorated with a pentagon on top & interwoven design around: 27mm diameter



18th/19th century copper alloy straw splitter: a cottage industry tool to produce straw hats, straw pictures etc: 65mm length A3485 8.50

20th Century silver H/M oval locket with attachment loop; floral decoration: H/M Birmingham 1990



Ordering details:

Please email us first to ensure we still have the item(s) still in stock.

Payment can be with UK Sterling cheque payable to ´D.G. Shelley´ or with credit card via Paypal. After confirmation of available stocks, we will send you a Paypal invoice.

Postage will be Recorded at £2.95 or Special Delivery at £7.45 dependent on value. We will post coins or banknotes worldwide but please enquire about postage costs first.

Orders are posted as soon as possible, hopefully within 24 hours of payment.

Please post any cheque orders to: D.G. Shelley, P.O. Box 3568, Buckingham, Bucks., MK18 4ZS


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