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Roman Silver Coinage
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Republican; Anonymous Issue; 211-208 B.C., AR Denarius; toned with green toning to reverse; decent detail & could be attributed further. OBV: ´Head of Roma right´; REV: ´ROMA´; the Dioscuri right with animal below (dog or hog?); (RSC1-20)







Republican; Cn. Lentulus Clodianvs; 88 B.C., AR Denarius; small flan type with bold features & legend. OBV: ´Bust of Mars´; REV: ´CN.LENTVL. ´; Victory in biga right; (RSC10 Cornelia 50)

GF+ RS3093 42.50
Republican; C.Antestius Gragulus; c.136 B.C., AR Denarius; very attractively toned with clear detail & majority of reverse legend. OBV: ´GRAG´; REV: ´L.ANTES. ROMA´; Jupiter in quadriga right; (RSC1-Antestia 9) NVF RS3102 Sold

Julius Caesar; 49-48 B.C., AR Denarius; from one of our original customers; classic type, smooth surfaces with banker´s mark; slight green tinge from being sealed in plastic. OBV: ´CAESAR´; elephant right; REV: ´Sacrificial implements´; (RSC1-49)







Mark Antony; 32-31 B.C., AR Denarius; smoothed wear to both sides but legion number fully visible along with part obverse legend; scarce legion. OBV: ´ANT.AVG.III.VIR.R.P.C. galley right´; REV: ´LEG.XXII. ´; legionary eagle between standards; (RSC2-27) Good RS3098 Sold

Nero; 54-68 A.D., AR Denarius; fairly worn especially to reverse which has scratch; much obverse legend intact; good space filler. OBV: ´NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS´; REV: ´AVGVSTVS AVGVSTA´; Nero & Messalina standing; (RSC2-43)

F/Good RS3025 Sold

Galba; 68-69 A.D., AR Denarius; rare Emperor; some parts of obverse legend intact but reverse mostly worn smooth. OBV: ´IMP.SER.GALBA AVG. ´; REV: ´VICTORIA P.R.; Victory on globe left; (RSC2-324)







Vespasian; 69-79 A.D., AR Denarius; very bold detail with a slight grey tone; much better than normally seen for type. OBV: ´IMP.CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG. ´; REV: ´COS.VII. ´; eagle on cippus; (RSC2-122)

GF RS3029 Sold

Julia Titi; 80 A.D., AR Denarius; very rare Empress; ticket for £395; fairly worn but all detail & legends intact. Hard to get in any grade. OBV: ´IVLIA AVGVSTA TITI AVGVSTI.F.´; REV: ´VENVS AVGVST.´; Venus leaning on column; (RSC2-14)







Domitian; 81-96 A.D., AR Denarius; high grade with light toning; very slight surface loss to parts reverse. OBV: ´IMP.CAES. DOMIT.AVG.GERM.TR.P.XIII. ´; REV: ´IMP.XXII.COS.XVI.CENS.P.P.P. ´; Minerva with spear; (RSC2-278)







Domitian; 81-96 A.D., AR Denarius; some tiny green spots (presumably ex-hoard) but with nice detail & majority of legends clear. OBV: ´IMP.CAES.DOMIT.AVG.GERM.P.M.TR.P.VIII. ´; REV: ´IMP.XIX.COS.XIIII.CENS.P.P.P. ´; Minerva fighting;







Trajan; 98-117 A.D., AR Denarius; much toning mainly to obverse; fairly worn with some obverse surface marks. OBV: ´IMP.CAES.NER.TRAIANO.OPTIM.AVG.GER.DAC.PARTICO´; REV: ´P.M.TR.P.COS.VI.P.P.S.P.Q.R. ´; Virtus right; (RSC2-272)







Marcus Aurelius; 161-180 A.D., AR Denarius; light grey toning with obverse surface mark; clear detail & legends. OBV: ´IMP.M. AVREL.ANTONINVS AVG. ´; REV: ´PROV.DEOR.TR.P.XVI.COS.III. ´; Providentia holding globe; (RSC2-519)







Lucius Verus; 161-169 A.D., AR Denarius; scarce Emperor; super coin just starting to tone; large flan with almost complete legends. OBV: ´L.VERVS AVG.ARM.PARTH.MAX. ´; REV: ´PAX AVG.TR.P.VI.COS.II. ´; Pax holding branch; (RSC2-127) GVF RS3017 Sold
Commodus; 177-192 A.D., AR Denarius; rare type; small type so much obverse legend off flan; more unusual portrait & reverse. OBV: L.AEL.AVREL.COMM. AVG.P.FEL. ´; REV: ´HERCVL.ROMAN.AVGV. ´; upright club all within wreath; (RSC2-190); Norfolk ´ NVF/F RS3028 40.00

Septimius Severus; 193-211 A.D., AR Denarius; better type; small flan as usual with much toning; much of legends visible. OBV: ´L.SEPT.SEV.PERT.AVG.IMP.VIII. ´; REV: ´ADVENTVI AVG.FELICISSIMO´; Emperor on horseback right; (RSC3-6); Oxon.







Plautilla; c. 205 A.D., AR Denarius; scarce Empress; very bright & good weight; bold detail; tickets for £73; attractive. OBV: ´PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA´; REV: ´VENVS VICTRIX´; Venus standing left, Cupid in front; (RSC3-25)

VF RS3123 Sold

Plautilla; c.205 A.D., AR Denarius; some toning & vague surface loss in couple places; decent grade with almost full legends. OBV: ´PLAVTILLAE AVGVSTAE´; REV: ´CONCORDIAE´; Concordia holding double cornucopiae; (RSC3-7)







Geta; 209-212 A.D., AR Denarius; Berkshire hoard; slight grey tone with a few light surface marks to reverse; bold detail; possibly porous. OBV: ´P.SEPT.GETA CAES.PONT. ´; REV: ´SECVRIT.IMPERII. ´; Securitas seated holding globe; (RSC3-183)






Julia Maesa; c.220 A.D., AR Denarius; with collector´s ticket from 1970s; cabinet toning; high grade with tiny surface spot behind bust; scarce Empress. OBV: ´IVLIA MAESA AVG. ´; REV: ´PVDICITIA´; Pudicitia seated left raising veil; (RSC3-36) VF RS3014 Sold

Julia Soaemias; c.220 A.D., AR Denarius; scarce Empress; very attractive coin in full silver; bold detail & legends. OBV: ´IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVG. ´; REV: ´VENVS CAELESTIS´; Venus holding apple & sceptre, star right; (RSC3-8)







Severus Alexander; 222-235 A.D., AR Denarius; very slightly base look though full legends with bold detail. OBV: ´IMP.C.M.AVR.SEV.ALEXAND.AVG. ´; REV: ´ANNONA AVG. ´; Annona with modius at feet; (RSC3-23); Norfolk







Maximinus I; 235-238 A.D., AR Denarius; very attractive detail if slightly on dull side; full legends & scarce Emperor. OBV: ´MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG.GERM. ´; REV: ´FIDES MILITVM´; Fides holding standards; (RSC3-9)

GVF RS3125 Sold

Valens; 364-378 A.D., AR Siliqua; has some clipping with usual thin striking break to centre; otherwise mostly clear legends. OBV: ´D.N.VALENS P.F.AVG. ´; REV: ´VRBS ROMA TRPS´; Roma seated holding Victory; (RSC5-109)

GF RS3114 Sold

Eugenius; 392-394 A.D., AR Siliqua; very rare Emperor; well-clipped with fragments of legends visible; toned with decent portrait. OBV: ´D.N.EVGENIVS P.F.AVG. ´; REV: ´VIRTVS ROMANORVM TRPS´ Roma seated holding Victory; (RSC5-14a)







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