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Roman Silver Coinage
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Republican; Anonymous type; 86 B.C., AR Denarius; much worn with outline detail; reverse slightly better. OBV: 'Head of Apollo right'; REV: 'Jupiter in quadriga right'; (RSC1-Anonymous 226); Yorkshire

Good/VG A166 24.95
Republican; L.Scribonius Libo; c.62 B.C., AR Denarius; fairly smooth with couple rust spots to obverse; reasonable features with mostly complete legends. OBV: 'BON.EVENT. '; REV: 'PVTEAL.SCRIBON. '; well-head with implements; (RSC1-Scribonia 8); Yorkshire F A164 Sold

Republican; C.Postumius; c.74 B.C., AR Denarius; dark tone with bold detail & dished reverse as usual; scarce. OBV: 'Bust of Diana with bow & quiver'; REV: 'C.POSTVMI.TA. '; hound running right, spear below; (RSC1-Postumia9)







Republican; C.Cato; 123 B.C., AR Denarius; much worn with visible detail & parts legend. OBV: 'Head of Roma right'; REV: 'C.CATO ROMA'; Victory in biga right; (RSC-Porcia 1); Yorkshire

VG A165 24.95

Republican; L. Rubrius Dossenus; c.87 B.C., AR Denarius; from collector, ex-Dei Gratia; small obverse attempted piercing, nice detail with better reverse-type. OBV: ´DOSSEN, head of Jupiter’; REV: ´L.RVBRI’; triumphal chariot with Victory above; (RSC1-Rubria 1)







Republican; Mn. Fonteius C.f.; from collector; very worn & looks to be detecting find; visible detail with almost flat reverse. OBV: ´MN.FONTEI.C.F., head of Vejovis’; REV: ´Infant genius seated on goat, Dioscuri caps above’; (RSC1-Fonteia 9)







Mark Antony; 32-31 B.C., AR Denarius; very worn-smooth with some detail visible; uncertain legion but possibly II. OBV: 'ANT.AVG.III.VIR.R.P.C. '; REV: 'Legionary eagle between standards LEG.II? '; (RSC1-27?) Fair A167 14.95
Augustus; 27 B.C.-14 A.D., AR Denarius; standard issue, toned & fairly worn; better reverse. OBV: 'CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI.F.PATER.PATRIAE. '; REV: 'C.L.CAESARES AVGVSTI F.COS.DESIG.PRINC.IVVENT. '; the two young Caesars with shields between; (RSC1-43a) NF/F+ A175 Sold

Nero; 54-68 A.D., AR Denarius; mostly cabinet toning; nice portrait with mostly clear legends; always a popular Emperor. OBV: 'NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS'; REV: 'SALVS'; Salus seated left; (RSC2-314)







Galba; 68 A.D., AR Denarius; from specialist collector; obverse mostly intact but many ancient scratches to reverse; rare Emperor & left-facing bust. OBV: ´GALBA IMP.’; REV: ´DIVA AVGVSTA’; Livia holding patera & sceptre; (RSC2-44)







Vespasian; 69-79 A.D., AR Denarius; mostly cabinet toning; fairly worn but intact detail with majority of legends. OBV: 'CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG. '; REV: 'CERES AVGVST. '; Ceres holding corn ears; (RSC2-54)







Titus; 69-71 A.D., AR Denarius; private collection; fairly bright silver with light cabinet toning; better reverse type with mostly clear legends. OBV: 'IMP.TITVS CAES.VESPASIAN.AVG.P.M. '; REV: 'TR.P.IX.IMP.XV.COS.VIII.P.P. '; throne with back; (RSC2-311)






Trajan; 98-117 A.D., AR Denarius; fairly worn bright silver with features & mostly clear legends. OBV: 'IMP.CAES.NERVA. TRAIAN.AVG.GERM. '; REV: 'P.M.TR.P.COS.IIII.P.P. '; Victory with wreath; (RSC2-241) F A170 19.95

Trajan; 98-117 A.D., AR Denarius; very dark tone; tiny surface lift in front of bust but otherwise quite attractive with clear legends. OBV: ´IMP.TRAIANO AVG.GER.DAC.TR.P.’; REV: ´COS.V.S.P.Q.R.OPTIMO PRINC.’; Fortune holding rudder; (RSC2-87); Cambs.






Hadrian; 117-138 A.D., AR Denarius; fairly rough-looking with toning; mostly clear legends & detail. OBV: 'IMP.CAESAR TRAIAN.HADRIANVS AVG. '; REV: 'LIB.PVB. in ex P.M.TR.P.COS.III. '; Libertas seated left; (RSC2-906) F A172 Sold
Antoninus Pius; 138-161 A.D., AR Denarius; toned with some soil engrained; majority of legends & features intact; scarce. OBV: 'IMP.T.AEL.CAES.HADR. ANTONINVS'; REV: 'AVG.PIVS P.M.TR.P.COS.DES.II. '; Diana standing right holding bow & arrow; (RSC2-68); Northants. GF A169


Faustina I; c.120 A.D., AR Denarius; bright silver with clear legends & detail; attractive. OBV: ´DIVA FAVSTINA’; REV: ´AVGVSTA’; Ceres standing left holding torch & raising robe; (RSC2-104)







Marcus Aurelius; 161-180 A.D., AR Denarius; fairly worn with majority of features & legends. OBV: 'M.ANTONINVS AVG.IMP.II. '; REV: 'TR.P.XVIII.COS.III. '; Felicitas holding caduceus & cornucopiae; (RSC2-851); scarce.







Faustina II; c.160 A.D., AR Denarius; very toned with a hint of blue beginning; bold obverse & scarcer reverse. OBV: 'FAVSTINA AVGVSTA'; REV: 'SAECVLI FELICIT. '; draped throne with two boys within; (RSC2-190) GF A168 Sold

Lucius Verus; 161-169 A.D., AR Denarius; looks to be cabinet toning with slight rainbow effect; bold detail with clear legends; scarce Emperor. OBV: 'IMP.L.AVREL.VERVS AVG. '; REV: 'PROV.DEOR.TR.P.COS.II. '; Providentia holding globe; (RSC2-144)






Lucius Verus; 161-169 A.D., AR Denarius; very worn with usual small flan; detail with parts legends; scarce. OBV: 'DIVVS VERVS'; REV: 'CONSECRATIO'; eagle with head turned left; (RSC2-55)

NF A171 32.50
Caracalla; 198-217 A.D., AR Denarius; patchy patina with some blue toning to reverse; bold detail & legends. OBV: 'ANTONINVS PIVS AVG.BRIT. '; REV: 'P.M.TR.P.XVI.COS.IIII.P.P. '; Hercules holding branch & club; (RSC3-220) NVF A173 Sold

Julia Maesa; c.220 A.D., AR Denarius; appears good silver with hint of copper; decent features with weak reverse legend; scarce Empress. OBV: 'IVLIA MAESA AVG. '; REV: 'PVDICITIA'; Pudicitia seated left; (RSC3-36)






Elagabalus; 218-222 A.D., AR Denarius; slight grey toning & off-struck reverse; mostly clear legends & detail; scarce. OBV: 'IMP.ANTONINVS PIVS AVG. '; REV: 'SACRED.DEI SOLIS ELAGAB. '; Emperor sacrificing over altar; (RSC3-246) NVF A174 34.50
Elagabalus; 218-222 A.D., AR Denarius; nice looking coin of decent weight; clear detail & legends. OBV: 'IMP.ANTONINVS PIVS AVG. '; REV: 'LIBERALITAS AVG.II. '; Liberalitas holding abacus; (RSC3-81a); Northants. NVF A112 35.00

Valentinian I; 364-375 A.D., AR Siliqua; private collection; long flan crack; some blue toning with clear detail & legends. OBV: 'D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG. '; REV: 'VRBS ROMA RP'; Roma seated holding Victory; (RSC5-81c)







Gratian; 367-383 A.D., AR Siliqua; private collection; very clipped with parts legends visible; attractive tone.

OBV: 'D.N.GRATIANVS P.F.AVG. '; REV: 'VRBS ROMA TRPS'; Roma seated holding Victory; (RSC5-86a)







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