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Roman Silver Coinage
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Republican; L. Procilius; 80 B.C., AR Denarius; off-struck with light grey toning; bold detail & still attractive. OBV: ‘Head of Jupiter right’; REV: ‘L.PROCILI.F.’; Juno Sospita hurling spear right; (RSC1-Procilia 1); ex-LCA







Mark Antony; 31-30 B.C., AR Denarius; Legionary type; very dark tone with usual worn detail but very scarce Legion. OBV: ´ANT.AVG.III.VIIR.R.P.C.´; REV: ´LEG.XVI´; legionary eagle; (RSC1-48) VG RS2933 Sold
Vespasian; 69-79 A.D., AR Denarius; better grade with bold features; some background toning with majority of legends intact. OBV: ´IMP.CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG. ´; REV: 'COS.VII. '; eagle on altar, head left; (RSC2-121) GF RS2990 Sold

Antoninus Pius; 138-161 A.D., AR Denarius; old collector’s ticket ;very attractive tone with bold features & almost clear legends. OBV: ‘ANTONINVS AVG.PIVS P.P.’; REV: ‘LIB.IIII. (in ex) TR.POT.COS.IIII.’; Liberalitas holding vexillum; (RSC2-490)







Antoninus Pius; 138-161 A.D., AR Denarius; clear detail & legends if slightly weaker to reverse; clean silver. OBV: ‘ANTONINVS AVG.PIVS P.P.IMP.II.’; REV: ‘TR.POT.XXI.COS.IIII.’; Annona holding corn ears over modius, rudder on prow behind; (RSC2-1038) GF+/F+ RS2875 27.50
Antoninus Pius; 138-161 A.D., AR Denarius; fairly toned with mottled obverse surface; better reverse & clear legends overall. OBV: 'ANTONINVS AVG.PIVS P.P.TR.P.COS.III. '; REV: 'AEQVITAS AVG. ' Aequitas holding scales; (RSC2-13) GF/GVF RS2989 27.50
Faustina I; c.120 A.D., AR Denarius; bright silver on slightly small flan; decent detail with mostly visible legends. OBV: ´DIVA FAVSTINA´; REV: ´AVGVSTA´; Vesta sacrificing over altar; (RSC2-116) F+ RS2945 21.50
Commodus; 177-192 A.D., AR Denarius; with collector´s ticket from 1970s; cabinet toning; high grade; smaller flan as often seen; majority of legends intact. OBV: 'L.AEL.AVREL.COMM.AVG.P.FEL. '; REV: 'P.M.TR.P.XVII.IMP.VIII.COS.VII.P.P.'; Fides standing left; (RSC2-583a) NEF RS3011 65.00
Julia Paula; c.220 A.D., AR Denarius; rare Empress; high grade with very slight toning; small surface loss to centre reverse but does not detract. OBV: 'IVLIA PAVLA AVG'; REV: 'CONCORDIA'; Concord seated left, star to right; (RSC3-6) GF RS2982 99.50

Maximinus I; 235-238 A.D., AR Denarius; old collection; evenly worn with clear features & legends; scarce Emperor.

OBV: ‘IMP.MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG.’; REV: ‘P.M.TR.P.P.P.’; Emperor standing between two standards; (RSC3-46)








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