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Roman Bronze or Antoninianus Coins From 300 AD

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DESCRIPTION; (ref; Sear or New Sear = Roman Coins & Their Value); H = Hendin; Guide to Biblical Coins





Constantine I; 307-337 A.D., AE3; green patina with bold features & clear legends. OBV: 'CONSTANTINVS AVG. '; REV: 'D.N.CONSTANTINI MAX.AVG. AR'; wreath enclosing 'VOT.XX.'; (N/Sear 16204); Oxon.







Delmatius; 335-337 A.D., AE3; scarce Emperor; all detail & legends intact under a patchy dark patina. OBV: FL.DELMATIVS NOB.C.; REV: GLORIA EXERCITVS BSIS; two soldiers either side of standard; (Sear 3931)







Hanniballianus; 335-337 A.D., AE3/4; rare Emperor; old collection with ticket for £300; brassy tone with full obverse legend but reverse slightly off-flan; good detail. OBV: ‘FL.HANNIBALLIANO REGI.‘; REV: ‘SECVRITAS PVBLICA CONSS’; Euphrates reclining left, reed in background; (New Sear 16905) GF RB3180 Sold

Constans; 337-350 A.D., AE4; standard type, mostly green-brown patina; small flan, part legend missing. OBV: CONSTANS P.F.AVG. '; REV: 'VICTORIAE DD.NN.AVGG.Q.NN. TR'; two Victories holding wreaths, leaf between; (N/Sear 18584); Oxon.







Vetranio under Constantius rule; 350 A.D., AE Centenionalis; looks to be varnished (very shiny!) but all legend there as are the features; rare Emperor. OBV: ′D.N.CONSTANTIVS P.F.AVG.′; REV: ′HOC.SIGNO.VICTOR.ERIS. ASIS*′; Constantius crowned by Victory; (New Sear 18203)







Constantius II; 337-361 A.D., AE Centenionalis; slightly small flan, mostly green patina but very scarce reverse. OBV: 'D.N.CONSTANTIVS P.F.AVG. '; REV: 'SALVS AVG.NOSTRI TRP*'; large Christogram; (New Sear 18083); Bucks. F/GF RB3338 Sold
Magnentius; 350-353 A.D., heavy Double Centenionalis; large coin with mostly green patina; clear legends. OBV: ‘D.N.MAGNENTIVS P.F.AVG. ‘; REV: ‘SALVS.DD.NN.AVG.ET.CAES AMB; large Christogram; (New Sear 18778); Lincs. GF RB3035 Sold

Valentinian II; 375-392 A.D., AE4; always a difficult one to get in decent condition; full green patina with decent features. OBV: 'D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG.'; REV: 'VICTORIA AVGGG. TRS'; Victory walking left; (N/Sear 20331); Oxon.







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