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o Weekend Wanderers: metal detecting club with regular outings throughout the year! Click on the link to see an impressive array of recent finds from digs!
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Treasure Hunting: the best-selling monthly magazine devoted to all aspects of the hobby mostly written by detectorists; lots of finds, news, rally dates etc!
o The Searcher The top metal detecting magazine for the world´s most fascinating hobby!
o Buckingham Museum: Our local Museum - lots of finds from the area including some of our own; regular featured displays; privately run by a Charitable Trust! o Ultimate Beginners Guide to Coin Collecting!
o Coin News: the standard monthly mag. devoted to coins, banknotes etc., with diary dates, small ads & so on! o Poseidon Coin: Dealer of authentic Ancient Greek and Roman imperial coinage. We have coins for every collector in varying price ranges. Customer´s may also offer a price on the coin of their choice!
o Wildwinds: The WildWinds website has been created as a reference, attribution and valuation resource in the field of ancient numismatics! o {short description of image}
Coins, stamps & a wide range of accessories including coin trays! Well presented & worth a visit!

Collector´s World: A brand new site covering all the coin & stamp dealers, auction houses, fairs etc! o Detector Net: lots of links to coin dealers & other detecting sites. Brian & Mo also supply a huge list of replica coins & artefacts!
o UKDFD: Database of detecting found coins or srtefacts; invaluable reference pages! o Silver Coins: An informative site covering a wealth of information on collecting coins!
o NCMD: National Council for Metal Detecting. All the links you need to find out about the hobby including addresses for detecting clubs in the UK! o FID: Federation of Independent Detectorists - news, views & insurance cover!
o Coin Today: Numismatic portal featuring comprehensive daily news and online resources including price guides and dealer directories. o Coin BasicsSuggested by Sadie, a young coin collector whose Mother is a volunteer with a children´s group!

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